November 19, 2018
Haptic Networks
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3 Ways improving your wireless network benefits you and your organisation

Understanding the significance of having an optimised wireless network is invaluable to modern day businesses; there are a number of issues and risks that can arise when your wireless network is underperforming and you could be doing your company a disservice.

Having a wireless network that is cost effective and efficient can often feel like a struggle but it really doesn’t have to be, in this blog we are highlighting 3 ways that improving your wireless network benefits you and your organisation.

Become More Secure

Adapting your wireless networks allows you to improve your security and eliminate risks associated with older networks.

Improvements can seamlessly integrate with your existing network, security and authentication infrastructures which allows for a much more organic and less disruptive update.

A more secure network allows you to spend less in the long run. There is a wealth of benefits from updating your technology, reducing your threat level from cyber crime to keeping your users safe on your network.

Reduce Your Paper Usage

Gone are the days when everything needs to be on paper, in fact there’s a wealth of reasons why paper use has declined rapidly in the last decade…

From companies being more active and aware about their environmental impact, aiming to reduce your costs, increases in printing expenses, to the introduction of more and more technologies and software that eliminate the need for paper.

One of the benefits of improving your wireless network is the ability to transfer paper based processes and tasks into digital ones; saving time, effort and of course, paper.

Stop Dead Zones

We’ve all experienced this from time to time while on a network, a dead zone or blind spot where it drops out, on top of being frustrating, this limits productivity and loses your company money. This is a common problem with older networks and is normally all but eliminated when you update your wireless system.

It is essential to make sure that there are no areas within your network that has a weak spot, and if there is one, (due to factors outside of your control such as certain building materials) have a strategy in place to counteract it.


Here at Haptic Networks we are one of the industry leaders in improving wireless networks for a range of companies; whether it’s to help the company save money, develop their efficiency or to create a stronger competitive advantage, we work with our clients to help them reach their goals.

In our latest free ebook we have highlighted over 10 ways you can improve your operational efficiency and save money by harnessing a better wireless network, to get your copy today click the below button:

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