December 18, 2019
Joe Aucott
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2019 - Thank you........

2019 - Thank you
2019 - Thank you

So who made the naughty list?

Me - for ordering 260 Chrome devices for one site instead of spreading the order over 3 and then having to fix it at warp speed). Also, on a large tender response that we submitted, we realised after deadline that we had forgotten to include an important section.
We have spent 12 years refining our Solutions and Services practice, focusing on Kaizen, and all agree that we have run a very tight ship in 2019. 


The only major fail has come from Frank - our furry mascot.  Poor soul has gone and picked up eye ulcers that have made us all overly affectionate and sympathetic to the poor guy.  We love him, but we feel exasperated by his suffering and just want him to heal.  We'll know in a few weeks whether his course of antibiotics has yielded any improvement.  If not, our beloved furr-ball is off to surgery.  We're not happy with you, Frankie-boy.

And the nice list?

1st UK Ruckus Wireless Cloud-Ready Partner

We never talk about this, but actually this was a big one for us.  On the back of this strategic partnership, we have won some significant business as part of our full Solutions and Services package.  Not only are we the first Cloud-Ready Partner for Ruckus Wireless, but we're great at understanding and deploying this technology to our clients.  Just visit our Case Study page to find out just how well we've done with this strategic vendor partner.  We are proud of the standard of work we have produced in partnership with Ruckus Wireless on sites across the UK.

communITy enables 1,800 students

We all got chills when we realised the impact that our communITy project has had on learners.  We work with schools who approach us on a financial package that suits both learners and the school that allows us to put Chrome devices in the hands of every student.  There are a few options depending on what works best for all parties - we even offer a Pilot programme.  If you're interested in finding out more about communITy, click here.  Or call Jade on 01536 316 879.

Our new website

We launched our new website in October, which we are all very proud of.  We took a very considered approach to stripping back the noise that floods most Service sites and put the most important bits together in a user-friendly format.
We think you will like it - we've seen a remarkable increase in site traffic and longer visitation time since the launch, which tells us that our format and content are working and we're giving you what you need.  We will continue to refine our website for your benefit well into 2020.
We welcome your feedback on the new site - your critique and your ideas - you know we enjoy both.  Visit our new site here.

King's Cross - large contract win

The team are incredibly proud about winning the 3-year WiFi project with King's Cross - this being a continuation of the network installation project we undertook with them 3 years ago.
Nothing is more satisfying to us than repeat business with valued customers.  It tells us that we've lived up to our service delivery promise, our quality guarantee, our project management hits the mark and that we are a trusted partner.  Read about our initial installation found here under Case Studies:  King's Cross.

Ethical hacking certification

Our Security Specialist, Chris Rankin, putt in the extra effort to gain his Certification in Ethical Hacking.  This is a game-changer for our business as well as yours potentially as we are able to perform more sophisticated Security Services for your organisations.  We can legitimately penetrate networks and computer systems with the purpose of finding and fixing security vulnerabilities - much like Penetration Testing, but with much more knowledge on clandestine and criminal approaches.  If industry-leading Security interests you, let us know here.

In closing..... there were many more wins, big and small - too many to mention in an e-shot meant to leave you inspired and not exhausted.  So we wish you all a safe and merry festive season.  If you need us during this time, call us or contact us via our website.


Joe & Team at Haptic Networks

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