April 16, 2020
Joe Aucott
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1:1 Contribution schemes for schools

Haptic Networks have worked extensively with Education since we began trading in 2007 - we've seen many innovations in technology but none have excited us as much as Chromebooks. For those that know, Chromebooks are simple to use, fast and low-cost devices for schools. They provide a wide range of education resources. All Chromebooks come with a Google License (Formally known as Google Apps for Education.) This is a suite of free applications which includes: word processing, spreadsheet work, presentation, calendar and G-Mail. These are all designed with school children and the classroom in mind.

Working alongside our finance partner, we assist schools and colleges in the deployment of G Suite and Chromebooks. Offering a parental contribution scheme that puts the devices in the hands of pupils so that they can benefit from their use at home as well as the classroom. For more information visit our partner's site here

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