August 25, 2017
Haptic Networks
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10 years on - What makes Haptic tick?

What makes Haptic tick?

As we move ever closer to our 10th birthday, We've all been getting a tad philosophical.

To some, a decade may not be that long a period of time. Personally I feel a decade in the IT industry is akin to a lifetime in others I can think of.

Rapid changes in technology, pressures of a crowded marketplace, post credit crunch Britain, (also more recently ‘Brexit’) Uncertainty about technology budgets, increases in online fraud and cyber attacks as well as subsequent legislation and compliance etc etc have all made the past decade incredibly challenging for a small, independent IT solutions provider.

Alongside those challenges, we have been blessed with a multitude of rewards. Industry recognition, top tier partnerships, broadsheet front page, framework wins and so forth.

Perhaps, however the greatest, most significant reward lives within the challenges themselves.

I feel it is the challenges of the past 10 years that keep us all smiling, keeps us happy and fulfilled within our many roles and keeps us steadfast in this industry where it seems difficult to predict what will happen within the next 24 hours.

It is my strong belief that if the meek shall inherit the Earth, then the IT industry will ultimately belong to organisations that actually pay attention to their surroundings. Above all else, those that have a huge passion for technology and the clients they assist to adopt it.

So what makes Haptic tick? Being a relatively small company where every single Team Member has been selected, praised, and embraced for their unique backgrounds and individuality It's difficult to speak for everyone at once. What we do share however Is unity in the belief that what makes Haptic Networks both an industry presence, as well as a superb place to work comes down to one word:

Kaizen - A Japanese word to represent ‘Continuous improvement’

It’s been at the forefront of our business from the first day we began trading. Shying away from overly competitive mission statements, or needlessly fluffy and ambiguous values we’ve stuck to one word, Kaizen.

Forming the basis of everything we do, every project we complete and every contact that turns into a customer. We constantly assess all parts of our function, processes and strategy to ask ourselves “What can we do better?” or “What can we improve?”

If cash flow is the grim reaper of the SME, then I believe complacency is what presses a bony finger to the brow of the bigger outfits.

Then again it’s easy to for us to say that, we’re still small. We pride ourselves on having no switchboard, no automated promotional messages, on sending a handful of e-shots in our 10 year history, on having an average employment duration of 7 years, zero redundancies and constant year on year growth. It may well change as we continue to expand but I’m committed to ensuring that everything we do, we do with Kaizen in mind.

For us it’s not about packing people into the company strictly for vanity’s sake, if anything the decisions we make have even worked to keep us smaller in terms of headcount. We’re happy with that, it suits us perfectly. The reason being that we are committed to being here, taking pride of place in the IT Industry for the next 10 decades and beyond. Ours is a long term vision, backed with a solid strategy.

So on the approach of our 10th Birthday, I’d like to sincerely thank and praise everyone we’ve encountered on our journey thus far. You’ve all helped craft our humble little vessel.

Receptionists that have hung up when we called to introduce ourselves, vendors that have partnered with us, others that have lied and made life difficult for everyone, cheap websites that sell below cost and continue to let customers down, all the manufacturers of products and solutions - from the fads to the fantastic. Our competitors - ranging from those we respect and admire, to those that profess to dislike one another - the good ones out there (you know who you are!) and the bad apples in the batch - everyone.

Most importantly, the customers that have been working with us for 10 years. From invites to weddings, pictures of newborns, unprompted notes and tokens showcasing thanks and positive feedback and the ongoing friendships that some of our projects lead to. We thank you the most. Kaizen keeps us doing what we do, your support keeps us enjoying the ride.

Here’s to another 10 years.

All the best.

Joe Aucott and the Team at Haptic Networks.

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