May 1, 2018
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New security and intelligent features added to Gmail

New security and intelligent features added to Gmail

Google recently announced major updates to assist the paying businesses (over 4 million and counting) that use G Suite work smarter, safer and more efficiently.

Included in the all new, new-look Gmail:

  • Advanced security features
  • New applications of Google's artificial intelligence
  • Even more integration with other G Suite apps
  • A new way to manage work on the go with Tasks

In order to address Business Email Compromise (BEC) threats in which fraudsters impersonate an executive to obtain payments or information. Gmail introduced new phishing protections which help block 99.9 percent of BEC attempts by warning users.

Gmail - Confidential Mode:

With confidential mode, it's possible to protect sensitive content within your emails by adding expiry dates or revoking messages that have been previously sent. Requiring additional authentication via text message to view an email is another possibility to protect data even if the recipient's account has been hijacked whilst the message is active

Good news for business, good news for personal Gmail users too. You can opt-in to this new experience too (go to: settings, in the top right and select 'Try the new Gmail")

If you need help getting started with the new Gmail or any other G Suite application, feel free to contact us here

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