May 21, 2018
Haptic Networks
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New G Suite Services

G Suite is a monster. Currently taking the world by storm, utilising lower cost hardware (in the form of Chromebooks and Chromeboxes) G Suite is improving productivity, reducing repetitive workloads and improving student outcomes at hundreds of thousands of learning establishments. Our journey with all things G Suite began way back in 2015, since then Haptic Networks have been pioneers in how Education and businesses learn to adopt the applications, providing specialised consultancy and support to users adopting the technology.

Today we're proud to unveil our newest range of G Suite Services :

Origin , Launch, Migrate

Designed to assist with different user cases, here's a quick overview.


Optimised for schools working with a limited budget, Origin acts as a starting point for any G Suite journey. The base package is offered at £895, for a full breakdown of the service and what it includes take a look at the dedicated page here.


Our Launch service covers all of the vital areas required for a successful G Suite adoption project. It takes a modular approach to helping any site that wants to adopt G Suite and requires our expert advice. More details on the service can be found here.


Designed to tackle one of the more problematic elements of switching an email system from Microsoft Office or Office 365. Migrate is a project offering that takes the hassle, risk and headache out of planning and executing a successful migration. Breakdown of the service in more detail here.

We're currently using these services to offer support and consultancy to Schools, Colleges and businesses around the world, we'd be happy to hear more about your current plans or projects involving G Suite. Say hi using this quick form

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