August 3, 2022
Joe Aucott
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Everything You Need To Know About Google Workspace for Business

As the effects of the pandemic take hold on businesses, it's more important than ever to identify ways to scale and work collaboratively, with remote working and home offices taking their grip on industries across the globe. Remote collaboration always poses problems, and with what feels like millions of, "best-in-class" and "award winning" tools on the market, we like to keep it simple.

Has your organisation ever considered Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) for Business to help it succeed? With the Google Workspace for Business Starter plan, you can try it out relatively risk-free to see if it works for you. As you look into the various plans, you’ll see what they offer and how your business can utilise them.

What Is Google Workspace for Business?

Google Workspace refers to an online cloud service Google offers to businesses. It includes multiple apps and features to help companies as they tackle different scenarios:

  • Multiple communication apps (including Gmail, Google Voice and Google Chat)
  • A calendar app to help with planning
  • Apps for creating content and documentation (Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides)
  • Google Drive to store and access documents and files from anywhere in the world

Regarding Google Workspace for Business, you have multiple apps to help you out. For example, you have Gmail, Meet, and Chat for communication, Calendar for planning, and Docs and Drive for additional storage.

The app also offers services to help your IT department with its efforts. For example, they can receive support from Google Workspace employees and manage the apps. Doing so will help your IT department become familiar with and properly utilise the tools.

If you don't have an IT department, that's where we come in. Give us a message or a call and one of our team will be in touch to discuss your requirements. As Google Partners, we are able to provide all of the support you need to deploy and manage Google services.

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How Google Workspace Helps Businesses

By giving your business access to all these features and bonuses, Google Workspace for Business can help you in multiple ways:

Sometimes, businesses struggle when they need to communicate. However, since Google Workspace for Business lets you host meetings with up to 100 people, you can make communication easier. You can also set up chats with specific people to streamline communication.

The software emphasizes collaboration. Not only can you communicate with people, but you can work together on projects. Since you can edit files together and see changes, you make collaboration easier than before.

Since Google Workspace has straightforward apps, people can quickly get used to them. So even if your business doesn’t have tech-savvy workers, they can quickly learn these apps and take advantage of them.

The Available Plans

As you look into Google Workspace, you’ll notice multiple available plans. Review the Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus, and Enterprise plans to see what works for your business.

Before deciding which plan you’re going to choose, make sure you know what they offer. For example, they come with various apps, custom email security, and management options. However, they have key differences you must know about before you pick one.

Business Starter

Most small businesses use the Google Workspace Business Starter plan since it offers some excellent features without too much monetary commitment. Using the plan, you only have to pay £4.60 monthly per person.

 It includes some additional features to make the package worth it.

  • Have 100 people in Google Meet
  • 30 GB cloud storage per person
  • Standard support from Google

People love to go with this plan since it keeps the costs low while offering many benefits. However, the Business Starter plan only supports up to 300 users so large corporations may find the option too limiting for them.

Business Standard

If the Starter plan doesn’t work for your business, you can try out the Google Workspace Business Standard plan. However, some companies will feel like it costs too much at £9.20 monthly per person.

However, some of the changes to the features make it great for small or medium businesses.

  • 150 participants in meetings
  • Two TB storage per user
  • Option to upgrade to enhanced support

The Standard plan works well for various businesses if they have to host larger meetings or need more storage space. That way, your employees won’t have to worry about freeing up space in the cloud storage.

Like the Starter plan, this one only supports up to 300 users.

Business Plus

Some businesses want even more features and benefits, so they use the Business Plus plan. However, the plan costs £13.80 monthly per user, so some small businesses may find it challenging to budget for this plan.

To be fair, you have multiple advantages you can enjoy if you decide to go with the Business Plus plan.

  • 500 participants in Google Meet
  • eDiscovery and retention through business emails
  • Five TB storage per user

Your business can also have enhanced security controls with the option to upgrade your support. So while you can only let 300 employees join this plan, it works great for larger businesses looking to maximize their space.


Those who want to maximise Google Workspace as much as possible will want to look into the Enterprise plan. It doesn’t have a set monthly rate since it varies. Instead, you need to contact sales about pricing options or get in touch with Haptic Networks and we'll do all the hard work, so that you don't have to.

Alongside the other benefits, the Enterprise plan offers some excellent features for large businesses.

  • S/MIME encryption for emails
  • Noise cancellation and live streaming for meetings
  • As much storage as needed

You also automatically get all the advanced support and security features. Since you can contact someone about the options, you’ll find more flexibility with the pricing. However, it’ll end up costing more than the Business Plus plan.

If this is too much information, and you would like some help and advice regarding choosing the best plan for your company, you can count on Haptic to lend you a hand. 

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Do You Need Google Workspace?

Ultimately, Google Workspace is an excellent tool for businesses to use as they collaborate. Not only does it provide multiple apps for businesses, but it gives you storage space to keep track of important documents.

Google Workspace for Business remains a practical option, so your business must consider it. Doing so will help you see how to use the service to improve your business. Even if you don’t know whether to get it, you can always start with the Google Workspace Business Starter plan.

Because of the low-cost and flexible plans, Google Workspace can help small, medium, and large businesses.


Google Workspace for Business offers multiple plans to help you with your business needs. As you review the features and understand the apps available, you can take advantage of them and keep your business organized.

Cloud-based storage can help your business with security, sharing important documents, and keeping things organised. Make sure you review each plan and see which one works for you. That way, your business can choose the ideal plan and maximize your potential profits.

As Google Partners, we can provide you support and assistance in choosing the right plan, implementing the necessary components, and managing your Google services. Simply get in touch and one of our team will be in touch.

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