September 10, 2020
Joe Aucott
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Google Voice Partners

Our long standing partnership with Google enters it's next phase

Calls, anyone remember them? Long before 2020 saw us all taking part in more video calls (not us, we've been raving about how awesome Hangouts are for years!) everyone relied on the good old fashioned phone call.

The main issue with call packages, platforms and partners of old really came down to flexibility. Changing VOIP platform usually meant adopting a whole new PBX, new deskphones as well as a large scale project to get the damn thing to work seamlessly with your existing applications and workflows.

Never one to be outdone by Microsoft, Google have been working hard on ensuring their Google Voice platform shines. For any business already using G Suite, it's an absolute doddle to implement and even easier to use.

Our customers enjoy using it as it gives them a single provider of service, anyone that's had to make a support call before will know how frustrating it can be when your VOIP partner points fingers at your IT dept and so on.....

Google's marketing bumf condense the platform benefits thus:

Simple - Number assignment, porting and billing all in one place

Smart - Google's AI filters SPAM calls, automatically transcribes voicemail and makes it easy for you to configure your PBX. It also gives seamless interoperability with Google Meet and Calendar.

Scalable - Deploy it instantly, globally, from anywhere. It makes administering the solution, including setting up multi-level auto attendants and hunt groups...easy.

Like all things Google related, we're more than happy to provide more information if you'd like it. We can host demo sessions, walkthroughs, consultation and advice on any element you'd like to see/hear more about.

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