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Designed specifically for schools, Haptic Networks’ Origin service is ideal for schools with a limited budget.

we want to replace those failing laptops and other legacy devices with faster and more reliable Chrome devices and give you the support necessary to assist with the implementation of G Suite.

Our Origin service provides schools with a solution that is easy to support and has an uptime of 99.98%. It acts as your starting point for G Suite, with training, consultancy and the right platform for you to pilot Chrome devices and kickstart your G Suite journey.

Pain Points

  • Ageing infrastructure
  • Servers failing in house
  • Backup worries
  • Storage worries
  • Old, unreliable devices that fail
  • Constant decrease of IT Budget
  • Concerns about updating

G Suite Fixes

  • Cloud Based and Secure
  • G Suite Domains have 99.98% uptime
  • Drive & Vault = never lose another document
  • Unlimited, free storage
  • Chromebooks and Licenses
  • Free G Suite and low cost devices
  • Easy to adopt and well supported

What does the Origin Service include?

In order to help you begin your G Suite journey, our base package is offered at £895 (ex VAT, Education only) for this you receive:

Registration and Verification of a new G Suite domain

Configuration of your School’s profile, domain and settings

Provision of an Organisational Unit (OU) Structure

Upload user from provided csv (emails included)

Provision of best practice settings on Chrome User and Device Management Consultancy and documentation of recommendations

Once complete, the Origin Service will ensure your school has made the best start possible to unlocking the benefits of G Suite and Chromebooks

Whatever your school’s plan, we can use our experience and best practise to guide you.

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