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G Suite for Education is a completely free suite of Applications and services. If you haven’t yet taken advantage of them - Haptic Networks' G Suite Launchpad will get you started.

We'll ensure that your settings and G Suite deployment is perfected from the very beginning, we can even register your domain for you.

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Suite Journey

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What does the G Suite Launchpad Service include?

Our fully managed service covers the following key areas instrumental in any successful G Suite deployment:

Admin Settings

Configuration of your School’s profile, domain and settings

Service Settings

Employing best practise settings for all Google Apps

Chromebooks & Chrome Devices

Utilising Chrome Device Management and offering advice on ideal device models and user settings

Management of User Accounts

We will recommend and implement ideal Organisational Unit structures and accounts

Follow On

We will introduce you to valuable Google resource and communities as well as other key vendors to ensure your deployment is secure, backed up and fully optimised

How do we conduct the G Suite Launchpad service?

The process is incredibly simple, guided by the team of experts at Haptic Networks your journey will be smooth and swift:

Site Visit

A GAFE expert will visit your site, sit with you and understand your G Suite plans and aims, answer any questions and highlight the vast benefits of adopting the technology


We will work through a list of straight-forward questions, helping us to determine the optimal deployment of G Suite to suit your School’s needs


Our team of Google experts will then begin to configure your G Suite Domain in line with your requirements

Guide Creation

Your G Suite Launchpad guide will be given to you, detailing every aspect of the deployment to act as a reference and guide to you in the future


A Google certified trainer will visit your school to fully explain your new G Suite domain. You will be shown everything you need to know as you begin your Google experience