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A full G Suite for Education Audit will provide a complete review of your current situation by fully certified Google experts. We will work with you to review your existing domain and settings in order to achieve best practise.

Our Audit will document everything for you including compliance tests, integration with other key IT solutions and a review of the effectiveness of your current usage of G Suite.

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Why would you need a G Suite Audit?

Google Apps, Chromebooks, Chrome Devices, GMail and Google+ are already revolutionising millions of student’s experiences worldwide.

Many UK Schools and colleges have already signed up to G Suite for free, however, many are still unaware of the huge benefits available.

Our experience has shown that many sites still remain unsure as to how best to optimise their benefits.

By reviewing these four crucial areas we can optimise your G Suite experience:

Procedures & Policies

Analysing your G Suite operation, practices, policy documentation, and systems surrounding the every day management of your resources


A thorough technical ‘Deep Dive’ into the settings and configuration of Chrome Device Management, G Suite and other Apps


Report detailing your current compliance and security settings, review of Drive usage and sharing permissions


Analytics on the current usage of Key Apps amongst Staff/Pupil/Teacher groups to determine adoption of G Suite

How do we conduct your Audit?

Our fully managed service handle the following key areas instrumental in any successful G Suite deployment:

Initial Starter Meeting

We will attend your site to conduct a brief meeting to understand your current G Suite For Education usage


Our Team will then remotely view your G Suite admin dashboard settings and conduct a scan of Drive. This is simply observation at this stage


Using Google Docs we will prepare a detailed report and share our comprehensive findings with you


Our Expert will then return for a debrief in order to ensure every recommendation is fully explained

What will your G Suite Audit tell you?

The Google Team at Haptic Networks will provide you a full and detailed report, with a clear breakdown of the sections above.

Part of the Audit report will detail areas for improvement, high risk areas and links to online resource to assist with each action we recommend.

Whatever your School’s plan is regarding G Suite, whether it’s to deploy Chromebooks, Google Classroom or any other applications - we can help guide you on the path of best practise.

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