February 6, 2023
Martyn Lowes
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Affordable Access To Tech For Every Student - CommunITy 1:1 Parental Contribution Scheme - Upcoming Webinar Series

This March we're running a series of webinars to raise awareness of CommunITy 1:1 - our parental contribution scheme designed to help schools regain control of their technology budgets - at a time where the sector is under unprecedented pressure.

Last week saw schools across the country making front page news, as teachers and workers took part in the largest day of industrial action in a decade.

Over half of the UK's state-funded schools partly or fully closed as teachers sought to make their voices heard, with the National Education Union (NEU) citing low pay and excessive workloads as key reasons behind the strikes.

The financial pressures schools are facing will therefore be at the forefront of everyone's minds heading into BETT 2023 this year, and there's big questions that need answers.

If you're a school leader, you might be asking: "How can I continue to keep my school up to date with technology when the funds just aren't there?"

Or if you're on the IT team, you may be wondering: "How will I cope with increasing workloads if my team can't be grown?"

Well, before you consider facing down the hoards of exhibition stands and goodie bags, if you've got 20 minutes on 1st March we'd like to show you an alternative approach towards how technology in schools can be funded and managed.

We want to put the power into the hands of your community, to ensure that every child can be given equal access to technology. This is the goal of CommunITy 1:1, our fully managed parental contribution scheme.

Through our webinar series, we'll show you how adopting a 1:1 approach can be financially sustainable for schools and parents - while being simple to manage for IT - to enhance the teaching and learning experience.

Some of the key benefits of introducing a 1:1 scheme include:

  • Low admin, easy to start process
  • Helps you to regain control of your school's IT budget by supplementing the cost of devices via parental contributions
  • Can potentially boost your school's reputation
  • Flexible, affordable, and simple for parents to contribute
  • Helps you future-proof your school while ensuring you can adopt the right solution; with many high-quality device options available to select for your 1:1 parental contribution scheme from top technology vendors, including Acer, ASUS, Lenovo, HP and more

Here's what's coming up this March:

Webinar 1: CommunITy 1:1 Parental Contribution Scheme Overview - Why Should You Consider A 1:1 Scheme for Your School?

1st March 2023 - 2:30pm

Ideal for: School Headteachers, Senior Leaders, IT, Teaching & Learning Coordinators

Webinar 2: How Does A 1:1 Scheme Benefit Students & Parents?

14th March 2023 - 2:30pm

Ideal for: School Governors, Senior Leaders, Teaching & Learning Coordinators

Webinar 3: How Can A 1:1 Benefit My School's Finances?

22nd March 2023 - 2:30pm

Ideal for: Finance Officers, IT, Senior Leaders

So join us at our CommunITy 1:1 parental contribution scheme webinars, and we'll give you a full overview of what a 1:1 scheme looks like in practice. We'll also be taking a deeper dive into the benefits a parental contribution scheme can provide to students & parents, as well as exploring the key financial advantages CommunITy 1:1 can bring to your school.

Over the last 15 years, we've seen the pressures schools have faced firsthand in trying to make their budgets stretch to keep up with technology. But we've also seen the positive effect technology can have on enhancing the teaching & learning experience. This is why we're keen to help as many schools as possible to prioritise digital inclusion for their students in a way that's financially viable for the future ahead.

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