Be Internet Legends – Free internet safety resource

Google’s Be Internet Legends curriculum is a free internet safety educational resource for pupils aged 7-11. Created by Google and Parent Zone, it includes PSHE accredited lesson plans and activities delivering internet safety messages. With an interactive game to reinforce learning, the Be Internet Legends programme provides a complete internet safety resource for your school. […]

ColumBO Selector

  Boss: So what’s this months “Tim blog” going to be about? Me: I’m struggling tbh Boss: Well in a perfect world what would you want to sell all to your prospects? Me: Me! I would want to sell them on me! Boss: Bit creepy if I am honest Tim, but fill your boots… ————————————————————————————————- So, start of a new […]

Tech Blog: How many users?

Tech Blog: How many users?   OK, time for a  checklist (everyone loves a checklist!) You want WiFi in your location?                                                        Check You know the maximum capacity within […]