April 30, 2014
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Office 365 - It's benefits in 6 swift segments....

In a similar scenario to when new Operating Systems are announced, users can be cautious of any new shiny Microsoft offering (anyone forced to use Vista may still possibly be found rocking back and forth speaking in tongues)
We decided to highlight the positives in 6 swift segments….

1 - Productivity.
Office 365 has the ability to massively increase efficiency. I know this from experience, since deploying O365 last year the collaboration and shared space provided by Sharepoint and Lync have helped streamline a large number of our processes. O365 delivers a seamless experience enabling staff to communicate with instant messaging, real-time presence, video conferencing, and desktop sharing.

2 - Familiarity.
You know it..you already use it, there’s nothing completely alien that will hamper it’s adoption. If you have used Microsoft Office, you can use Office 365 with virtually no training. Whatever your experience, O365 is straightforward, yet offers all the features you’d expect.

3 - Cloud.
O365 gives you the benefits of private and secure cloud computing while using the same productivity tools as your customers and partners. The fidelity of your documents is preserved across devices (PC, browser, and phone) and will look as expected to the recipients. 5 devices per licence makes remote/home working a doddle and means you can slide a license to your neighbour and make a few quid..just kidding…no really it’s true…but we wouldn’t dare comment. Honest.

4 - Flexibility.
You can choose a cloud-based solution, an on-premises solution, or a hybrid of the two to meet specific operational or security requirements. Quickly add new users to the dashboard as your organisation grows, alternatively you can decrease the licence count should you downsize. Upgrading office suites in the past meant purchasing new licence keys or boxed product, rendering previous copies obsolete. Now it’s administered with a few clicks.

5 - Reliability.
O365 comes with a 99.9 percent service level agreement (SLA) and gives customers financial credit if the SLA is not met. Microsoft’s very own SLA covers the entire solution, not just “core” services. With O365 you’re not tied down to an Internet connection. Whether you’re online or offline, whether you are using a PC, mobile device, or browser, you can get work done virtually anytime, anywhere.

6 - Future-proof.
Let’s be frank, we’re all (to some extent) at the mercy of Microsoft, if they decide it’s time for a new version of Office, all we can do is groan and count down the days until our version becomes incompatible with those receiving/sending documents from/to us. With O365, that’ll never be an issue. Microsoft will undoubtedly continue to move it’s clients to O365, make the change whilst the financial incentive is there to do so.

So there you have the quick 6 pointers, as a final note all Office 365 plans include access to moderated community forums, where you can find the answer to virtually any question you might have. Access to 24/7 phone support is also available with many plans.

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