April 6, 2014
Haptic Networks
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802.11ac - Wiser to wait?

Having been asked for our opinions on 802.11ac and it’s impact for some time, we have been doing just that…delivering our unbiased viewpoint.

Although an impressive and very exciting development in 802.11 standards, 802.11ac will have most impact when ‘wave 2’ is ratified Q1 2015. Currently the ‘first wave’ 802.11ac utilises 3 spatial multi-mimo streams. The second wave will be ‘true ac’ utilizing 8 spatial multi-mimo streams; clearly representing a significant difference in potential.

It should be said that in no way are we attempting to criticise or downplay 802.11ac. (No-one likes to be called an AC Slater) The new capabilities and features within the ac standard of 802.11 are incredibly impressive, it just may pay to wait and see how far the Manufacturers of devices and WLAN solutions respond. If you’d like to judge for yourself, click here to ask us to trial some of our 802.11ac WiFi equipment.

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